Staying Safe While Waiting for Your Tow Truck

Staying Safe While Waiting for Your Tow Truck in Castle Rock Colorado

If your car has broken down, gotten a flat, or you have been in an accident, it is important to stay safe while awaiting your tow truck. Here are some things to consider while you wait…

  • Try to pull your vehicle out of the way of traffic (into a nearby parking lot, to the shoulder, etc.).
  • Put your hazard lights on. If it is nighttime and your engine is still safe to operate, consider keeping your running lights on too, but be sure your engine is running otherwise you may drain the battery. Do not have your headlights on as this could be distracting to oncoming drivers.
  • Stay inside your vehicle if the vehicle is somewhere out of the way of traffic. You will be much safer in your car than on the road near it. If your vehicle is in a dangerous situation, try to find somewhere safe nearby to wait (restaurant, gas station, etc.) and let your tow truck driver know you are nearby but not in the vehicle.
  • If you feel like your vehicle is unsafe where it sits, please call your local police non-emergency number. Let them know the situation and they should send an officer out to help divert traffic.
  • If it is cold outside, and your engine isn’t affected, leave your engine running with your heat on. This will help prevent hypothermia or frostbite in extremely cold temperatures.
  • While you wait, be sure to move your hands/arms/legs/feet as much as possible to help your blood flow and circulation.

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